Give away smiles and positive energy!

Daily writing prompt
What job would you do for free?

I have already spoken this idea into existence one day when I was with our Executive Producer of G-Rated Magazine, A. Hall, that is was one of my new desires that I will embark on, to give people FREE positive energy.

It’s actually not a new idea at all. I saw it on an episode of the tv show “Mom” on Fox, LOL. Laugh at me if you want, I used to love to watch that show with my daughter. There was one episode where the mom and the grandma and all the girls went on a trip to meet this one lady that would help them feel better about themselves. They all waited in line and somehow got kicked out because the mom needed to smoke. Something like that. I am typing what I recall.

Anyway, when I was telling my friend about it, I was thinking that I know I could change someone’s perception with maybe a minute to 5 minutes at least. That is all I require to give someone some positive energy and make them smile. I saw myself being that person that someone who really wants to feel better about themselves, comes and talks to me for a little bit and leave feeling better. I have the magic to make that POSSIBLE. It is one of my jobs, I just don’t advertise it because it is not an easy job.

It is not an easy job!!

Any true manifestor aware of their ability, because everyone has the ability, will tell you that manifesting your positive thoughts into reality is a difficult job. Just making your true desires, your true intentions manifest for your self is a task that requires quite a bit of energy. Let alone being able to control that power and energy with all the naysayers around you. Now imagine changing someone else’s perspective in a matter of 1 to 5 minutes. That is a challenge.

I love challenges

I cannot change everyone’s life. But I am up for the challenge to spread as much love and positive energy as possible. There are conditions right off the bat for this FREE positive energy I am giving away.

  1. If you do not believe, you have already made up your mind and might as well not waste your time or mine.
  2. I will need a disclaimer. See it is simple for me, if I make you smile, I win and so do you. But people will try to make it complicated, so there are things I will have to make clear before going into this agreement.
    • You need to come with the intention on receiving FREE positive energy.
    • Accept that this energy can last ten minutes to a lifetime, depending on how you view it.
    • I am not responsible for how you feel after you reverse the energy you left with.

More than likely, no matter how you come, I will have a great conversation with you and I will be glad to meet you. That is all my concern. As long as you do not worry about what my descendants are doing and you are not trying to knock them down, I have no issues with anyone.

So even if you are a character speaking Spanish, spreading gossip and saying we can’t do what we do, when you talk to me, shake my hand as you talk to me for that minute or less, the moment you turn your back as say to yourself or anyone else that I am full of shit, the reality is that I still made you smile as you spoke about me. I have a powerful opposite force, which is why you don’t start nothing don’t be nothing. Quick G talk, lmao! Back to the topic.

Positive energy, this is the job I do for free. Now, please understand that I am an artist and that is how I make my money. I understand my prices are high compared to others but I set my prices for my art and that is what it is. I do not like to be bargained with or owed when it comes to the artwork I create. I will negotiate, especially with someone who is persistent, but when all my clients that I currently have, come and pay with no sweat and even tip, I go out even more extra than I would with someone I had to negotiate with. That is just what I see when it comes to my airbrush artwork. Besides that, I love giving and giving gratitude. It’s G-Rated!

Thank you everyone who follows G-Rated, who follows Cynthia Romero, who follows Airtek, Tati, #PearlsBeauty and myself #AlexAirbrushLuna. We have more writers joining and more G-Rated Ideas sparking.



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  1. @Alex ,,, Sir thank you very much…

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  2. Great stuff!! Keep up the good work πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you very much πŸ₯°

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