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I’m Alex AirLuna — an airbrush artist on a journey to become a pilot, blogging my journal, going from Airbrushes to Airplanes.

Project #1 Airplane Stories

A unique approach to the creative process. Every project begins with an idea, but it’s what happens to that idea along the way that counts. Airtek Pilot Journal, Teaching my Pearls to fly so I can fly.

Project #2 G-Rated Stories

Your project showcase demonstrates your skills, your experience, and your ability to produce stunning work across genres. G-Rated Stories are Collections of Art and Poetry by Alex-Airbrush Luna’s journey with an idea to motivate through Tha G-Rated Movement, giving gratitude generation to generation. G-Rated Baby!

Project #3 Airbrush Stories

Your customers will love your attention to detail. Each project you showcase tells them something difference about you and your innovative work. This is the story of my artistic journey becoming Mr. Alex-Airbrush Luna and Mr. BodyartByAlex. Art is a passion and the opportunity to create art from what you see on a woman’s body to the clothes and background as one whole piece, many times describing a piece of writing that goes along with it.

The Law of Attraction

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